Monday, January 5, 2015

Introduction-A New Year.

Let's start with a simple introduction.  I'm Katie, a born and raised Wisconsin-ite (accent and all)--you are reading this in an accent now, arn't-cha?  No, I don't follow football, but as any respectable Wisconsinite I do wish the Packers the best:)  I get to keep my "Wisconsin Card" because I make up for my lack of Packer passion with my intense love of cheese!  I have on many occasions received tubs of grated Parmesan as Christmas gift, all of which didn't make it past mid January. (Thanks Aunt Robin)!

I was married at nineteen to my adoring husband, Eric.  We will be married for ten years come July!  After graduating college we decided to fill our quiver with three wonderful children, S, M and B.  S is six and is in Kindergarten, M is three and B is one and a half.

I stay at home and try and keep the house from going into full chaos mode.  Sometimes I do well at it, and sometimes I simply declare, "Pizza Night!" and retreat to a quite corner and think I have failed at it all.  After a short time, S, M or B says something adorable or climbs into my lap for a snuggle, reminding me that while chaos may sometimes ensue, out of the chaos is a lot of love--all will be well:)

Often times, during the day, while managing lunches, folding laundry, cleaning spills, potty training, and whatever else is thrown at me, God's presence shows itself to me.  Sometimes the words are those of conviction (which sometimes need to be heard) and often times words of joy and salvation!

Today, we are coming off of Christmas and New Year's break.  Eric made his way back to work, S is at school and I'm here with M and B.  A new year ready to unfold has me excited.  While 2014 may have been filled with far more "Pizza Nights" than I care to admit, more frustration at the pile of messes, less patience than I should have had, more anger, more sickness, less love than there should have been--I know that 2015 is new and ready to unfold.  So what if it wasn't done in 2014, so WHAT?!  A New Year is here.

Second Corinthians chapter five verse seventeen reads: "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!"  Phew!  Think of the relief!  We are not talking the relief that a new year brings, we are talking the relief that new life brings!

I was blessed enough to never have the "A-ha" moment in my relationship with Christ.  I never had a single moment that I can peg as the moment where Christ's sacrifice became apparent to me.  I accepted him like I accepted food, he has always been, he always will be and I can't have my life without him!

I have heard others' stories of their "A-ha!" moments in finding Christ.  One minute you are a sinning unbeliever, the next you are a sinning believer.  The difference in that moment is amazing.  One minute your sins are piled up on YOU, the next they are wiped away.  You are still a sinner, but you don't have to carry them!  The old is gone, the new is here!  This sure makes a new year and all it entails seem like a mere speck!  The new year's resolutions to keep up on ironing or starting yoga seem so minute.  So what if this is the year I always have nicely pressed clothes, or learn Swedish or figure out how to make a quiche?!  This all pales in the beauty that is a Christ-centered self!  The moment of faith guarantees us as many start overs as we need.  Christ forgives us!  He will continue to forgive us, wiping the slate clean each time!  I may want a new year to declare a new "worldly" self, but no one must wait another second to declare a new eternal self!

The old is gone, the new is here!  So today, while I can begin to change my worldly ways of housekeeping, raising children, being a better wife, cook, crafter, etc. I must focus on the even greater excitement: the continual new life and forgiveness through Christ.

So, I hope to share with you some wonderful recipes, projects, crafts, my attempt at a giant vegetable garden and whatever else 2015 and beyond throws at me and put my own Christ-centered perspective on it all.  To God be the Glory!  Blessings!  -Katie

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